Why I’m Not Called Grace

I’ve never thought of myself as being especially clumsy. But there are times when I wonder about it. Last night was one of those times.

I came home from Bible Study. I had stopped and gotten an iced tea and some egg rolls on my way home. I quickly ate the egg rolls so I just had the tea to bring in the house. As I came in from the garage to the kitchen, I fell flat in the kitchen floor. I don’t know why. Maybe I tripped on the threshold. All I know is there I was, sprawled in the floor, the trash can upset, the security system screeching like crazy and I needed to get up.

Fortunately the stairs to the basement are just inside the door. So I scooted over there and used the handrail to help haul myself up. I looked at my tea. Somehow I had set it down and hadn’t spilled a drop.

I don’t know if not spilling the tea would count as being graceful but no one has ever called me that. I didn’t hurt too much last night but oh am I stiff and sore today!

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