Odds and Ends

Here are some odds and ends from my weekend.

Friday night was the first travelogue at Wash U.  The program was titled “My Personal Italy” and it truly was just that.  The lecturer has been traveling to Italy for over 30 years and the pictures were of places he especially enjoyed.  Oddly enough (to me) they included none of the popular tourist spots.  I’d be hard pressed to find those places on a map and it’s a wonder that he ever found them once, let alone enough times to make them favorites.   I really wished he had included more pictures of people and that he had taped conversations with them.  It’s much more interesting, to me, when we get to meet the people that the lecturer met as he traveled.  Without that, it looked like a lonely trip.

Friday morning I had a knitting project class at Joann’s.  The student was an older lady who was working on a sweater for a granddaughter and needed help picking up the bands.  We’re going to meet again this Friday and work on the buttonholes.  I explained how to do them but I’m not confident that she will remember how to do them.

The educational director was there and discussed the non-appearing student I’ve had.  She said she would pay me for my time (turned out it was for one trip to the store) and will refuse to refund the student’s tuition.  I was grateful that she was so thoughtful.  I would have just been out my gas and time.

After I left Joann’s, I went to IHOP.  I had seen ads for their waffles and had a yen to try the cheese and bacon one.  Well, I felt like a judge on Chopped.  Sometimes they eat a dish a chef has prepared and have to ask where the mystery ingredient was used.  I couldn’t find the cheese in my waffle.  I asked and the waitress took it away.  I was in hopes I’d get a new one but she brought it back and pointed to one tiny spot of yellow and said, “There it is.”  Not only could I not really see it, I never did taste any cheese in that waffle.  So, no more cheese and bacon waffles for me unless I make them at home.  Now that’s a thought.

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2 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Susie says:

    If you already have a waffle iron, it will be cheaper to make them yourself. OK, I know that’s obvious. But you can put in enough cheese to taste it! If you don’t have a waffle iron, you will still probably come out ahead to buy one, and make your own waffles. In the heat of summer or cold of winter, you’ll not have to go further (farther?) than your kitchen. Mmmmm–sounds delicious to me! Or should I say “Wafflicious!”

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