Chatting with JW’s Teacher

Today when I got to the school for my tutoring session with JW, his class was out at recess. His teacher at first offered to call him in but then remembered he was absent. She apologized for not calling to let me know so I wouldn’t have to make the trip to the school.

We had an interesting chat. I told her I thought he had improved, especially since he started working with the special reading teacher. She agreed that he’s doing better. But she said he misses a fair bit of school. Sometimes he misses the bus and his parents don’t see that he gets to school. I wonder if that means they don’t have a car. She seems to think there’s not a lot of parental involvement with JW’s schooling.

I was sorry because I had planned a Valentine lesson for today. We were going to read a Clifford book and then make lacy doily type valentines. I also had a Bingo type game of Valentine words to play. I suspect he would be missing his class’s Valentine party as well.

Wonder if it would be too weird if I saved my Valentine lesson and we did it next week. What do you think?

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