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Something To Think About

I went to the Symphony on Saturday night. As I sat there watching the conductor, I got to wondering about how the tail coat is constructed. I suspect it must be tailored individually. Otherwise I don’t see how he can … Continue reading

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Another Thought About Tails

I did a little research on tails. It seems that most tails are fly swatters. That’s their purpose.

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I’ve seen a commercial for Android that I really like. It shows a lot of pairs of animals doing various things. Watching that has caused me to think about tails. Most animals have them. But why?: What function do they … Continue reading

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Meeting Old Friends

For a number of years, I’ve subscribed to a particular devotional book. One of my guilty pleasures is skipping around in its pages, reading first one bit and then another when I first get the book. Later, I settle down … Continue reading

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I got a copy of an internal email from my local car dealer. A note was written on it that I should call or stop by the dealership ASAP. What was this all about? I called today and discovered they … Continue reading

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It Missed Me

There seems to be a gene that prompts people to clean out cupboards. It missed me. I’ve read several blog posts about people who are downsizing and clearing clutter out of their lives. Even my friend who called the other … Continue reading

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A Mystery

Sunday night I received an email from a friend. I read it and planned to answer it Monday. That was a good plan but when I started to answer it, I couldn’t find it. It no longer was in my … Continue reading

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