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Ice Cream Thoughts

I love ice cream.  I have ever since I was a child.  It was a special treat back then.  It had to be eaten on the spot, more or less, when purchased because we only had a tiny little freezer … Continue reading

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Please, not yet

I couldn’t believe my ears yesterday.  The weather forecast was being given on the radio and it included the word snow.  According to the forecaster, there’s a possibility  of snow on Saturday.  Granted, it’s to be mixed with rain which … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year

It’s time to reassess my medical insurance. Every year we have to do this — those of us on Medicare — and decide if we need to switch to a different plan. I usually attend several meetings on the topic. … Continue reading

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Interesting Food Program

I’ve been watching an interesting program on called “The Supersizers Go…” In it a pair are eating their way through different periods of British history. They started out in the 1660s and the one I watched this morning was … Continue reading

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Treating Myself

I decided I deserved a treat today.  After all, I had managed to teach that loom knitting class on Thursday and this morning I took myself off to my local hospital and got my flu shot  The hospital is part … Continue reading

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Buying Books

Do you buy many books?  Where do you get them? I have found my local Dollar Tree store to be a source for some interesting books.  I read one I got there that was about raising dairy goats.  Another was … Continue reading

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Checking To Do List

Some days I don’t accomplish much. But I feel good about what’s been done so far today. It began with my doctor’s appointment. Boy, today must have been the day to go to the doctor. The parking lot was so … Continue reading

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