Summertime is doing its best to arrive.  It has taken it’s unofficial opening date of May 30 seriously.  The temps have been flirting with 90s.  The humidity thinks what is good for the temp is also good for it.  Never mind that most humans don’t agree.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be nice … high only in the 80s and with lower humidity.  That’s how I like summer.

Saw something odd the other day.  I was in line at the drive-through to get a sandwich when I noticed a big puff of smoke coming from the roof of the car in front of me.  It was a car with a sunroof.  Evidently the driver and any others in it were smokers and they opened the sunroof to vent the smoke.  I’m sure glad I wasn’t in that car.  Given the size of that puff, it must have been very difficult to breathe inside the car.

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