Glub, Glub,Glub

It’s been raining for days.  Looking out the window gives you a good appreciation for a gold fish’s life, especially if that life includes rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning.  I have a ticket to the Symphony tonight but I’ve decided not to go.  We are under flash flood warnings so driving might be tricky.  In addition, there is a longish walk from the parking lot so chances are good I’d arrive at the concert hall wearing squishy shoes, in a coat dripping water.  That doesn’t sound like an enjoyable evening to me.  The program will be broadcast on the radio so I think I’ll just stay home and listen to the music through the magic of radio.

Last week’s program was enjoyable.  It began with a a piece called Hymne by  Valentin Silvestrov.   Both music and composer were new to me.  The couple sitting next to me  must not have liked it because they left.  Seemed odd to me that they would pay $30/ticket to hear only one song.  Seemed like an awful lot to spend for only seven minutes of music.

Next  up was Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in D Minor.  The pianist did a masterful job.  I’m always amazed at someone who can memorize such a lengthy piece and play it so well.  The audience stood and applauded until he had taken four bows and played a brief encore.

After intermission we heard Bartok’s Concerto for Orchestra.  This, too, was very well- played.  It all added up to an enjoyable musical evening.

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