Easter Thoughts

Today when I read my devotional book, the author of the reading mentioned several songs she sang when growing up.  The mention of them almost immediately started them ringing through my memory.  Songs like “He Arose” and “He Lives.”  We haven’t sung those at my church in years.  Do you sing them at your church?

As I sing them again in my memory, it seems to me they celebrate the Easter story in a way that new “praise songs” just don’t.  There’s a real joyousness to them.  The memory of the congregation booming out “He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today” stirs me like no modern song can.

The author also mentioned Easter sunrise services.  I’ve never been to one.  Have you?  Do you still have them in your area?  I can remember that years ago when I was a young girl, churches advertised their Easter sunrise services.  I can’t remember the last time I saw such an ad.  Locally there was a huge Easter sunrise service at the Muny Opera.  Don’t think they do that any more. Then when I was in high school there was a big service at Tower Grove Park.  Never ever went to either one.  I regret that now.

I feel sorry for those who only have Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies and new clothes for their Easter memories.  They will never know the true meaning of Easter.  We have a Savior who was resurrected and because of that, we have hope in eternal life and our own resurrection.

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