Bits and Pieces

I apologize for the long silence.  Not really sure why it happened other than I felt I had nothing to say.  I’ve some little bits and pieces I can add to the blog now so here goes.

Shortly after the first of the year, I had to buy a new computer.  What a job that was!  I hadn’t planned to buy a computer; ir definitely wasn’t in the budget.  However, when I took it to be repaired, I learned there was a major problem with the motherboard and the only real solution was to replace it.  I selected a new HP and and made arrangements for a technician to come install it for me.  He came and it appeared everything was in order … until about 30 minutes after he left.  The new computer was also having major problems.  Another service call was set up. Turned out the new computer was defective and had to be replaced.  I’ve lost track of how many service calls were made before I finally had a working computer again.  The major drawback to it is the keyboard.  It’s small and I find it  very difficult to type on it.  Because of my computer woes, I didn’t answer emails or post to the blog for weeks.

In the midst of all this, I was sick with two colds and a bonus bout of vertigo.

I’ve been working with a pharmacist associated with my doctor’s office on stabilizing my diabetic medicines in the hopes of finding a less expensive way to regulate my blood sugar.  I thought we were making real progress until one of the “new” medicines caused my feet and legs to swell to gigantic sizes and I couldn’t really get my shoes on.  Still working on solving that problem.  In the meantime, my doctor is moving out of town due to a job change for her husband and I’m faced with finding new doctor for the second time in a year.

But on to other topics …  few weeks ago I was driving to a nearby QuikTrip to get some bread.  The road is narrow, curvy, with a ditch along each side.  I saw two deer standing on the side just as though they were having a friendly chat.  Fortunately I saw them in time to slow down because one ran in front of me.  Not sure where they live since this is a residential area.  But I was thankful I hadn’t hit one of them.  There’s a fair bit of traffic on that road, most of which speed along.  I was guilty of doing that but I find I drive a little slower on that road now.









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