Wintery … Ugh!

Today is definitely wintery.  Not my favorite kind of weather.  The temp has been falling all day.  We’ve had freezing drizzle which makes getting out very iffy.  Ever since my mother fell on ice and paralyzed herself from the neck down, I do my best to avoid getting out when it is icy.  Given my recent fall, I certainly don’t want to fall on ice!

The weather forecasters are saying we might have an inch of snow on top of the frozen drizzle.  Not a good scenario for getting out and about.  I never did make it to Five Below yesterday so I’ve shuffled things around and think I’ve come up with some suitable stocking stuffers.  This is no weather to go shopping in.

I would like to get out tomorrow for church.  The evening service is the annual Candlelight one with the special music program.  Sadly, the sound on my computer isn’t working and I won’t be able to hear it as a live stream.  I could watch and see who the special singers are but I’d rather hear them.  With the high forecast to be 15, there is no chance that things will melt.  I’m not sure what the road crews can do to make it safe to drive tomorrow.


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