Christmas Shopping Completed

My Christmas shopping was completed yesterday.  Well, I still need to get stocking stuffers but the real gifts have all been purchased and most of them wrapped.  I skipped putting bows on the packages this year.  That will make it easier to pack them up for transport to Mike’s for Christmas Day opening.  I need to check my “gift closet” to see if I have any suitable stocking stuffers in it.  Poor closet doesn’t get used as much as it used to since we’ve gone to drawing names. Still, there might be something in there that can go in a stocking..

The Christmas tree is up and adds its cheer to the evenings.  I haven’t put up my felt tree for pinning cards to it.  I hope to get that done today.  I’ve  received a couple of cards but haven’t mailed any yet.  That’s another chore for today but first I must complete my latest class sample for Joann’s.

Last week I attended the Christmas program at church.  This was done by the youth department.  I thought they were doing a play but instead it turned out to be a sort of cantata.  The youth choir did a great job with the music.  I especially enjoyed the mixture of traditional carols with more contemporary songs.  Next Sunday evening will be another musical service.  Not exactly a Festival of Carols but sort of a showcase of various singers from the entire congregation.  It will be interesting to see who they will be.  I’m sure there will also be some congregational singing which I will gladly participate in.


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