Busy Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day.  It started with my getting my mammogram done.  The x-ray program continued with my going by the hospital and having a batch of x-rays of my knees taken.  Next up was the dexa scan but I needed to make an appointment for that.  An appointment for Monday was scheduled.

After finishing my x-ray adventures, I went to Barnes & Noble where I almost completed my Christmas shopping.  I like finding gifts at B&N.  I see things there that I don’t see in other stores.  So I got a kit to teach yourself how to juggle, a model of a Star Wars character to be built, a kit to teach yourself how to do yo-yo tricks and, last but not least, a book. I only need to get two more gifts.  I have the items picked out — if the stores haven’t sold out of them — and I hope to purchase those in the next couple of days.

All those excursions yesterday has left me feeling pretty tired today so I’ve been taking it easy.  I’d like to put up my Christmas tree this evening and maybe even wrap the gifts I purchased yesterday.  I’d like to think about Christmas cards too but I may postpone that until tomorrow.

How are your Christmas preparations coming?

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