Happy Thanksgiving

I have much to be thankful for this  holiday.  At the top of my list is coming through my recent accident with no lasting damage.  And for the help of my sister and her husband with things that needed done at my house.

We celebrated our family Thanksgiving at my niece’s house.  This time I managed to find her house — you may remember I missed the housewarming because I couldn’t find it.  Her house is nice and a good size for a single woman.  Her day didn’t get off to a good start … her fridge wasn’t working.  Not sure if the problem is with the fridge or her electrical outlets.  But she managed to cook a delicious meal and I came home with a full stomach but no leftovers.  She had some but not many which was a good thing given the situation with her fridge.

Her older brother needs a better job.  And he has an interview on Tuesday for a possible one.  I pray he gets hired and is successful in that job.  He doesn’t get enough hours at his current job to meet his budget.

We drew names for Christmas.  I got my niece.  We also exchanged our Christmas lists.  It’s hard when you get to my age to think of things to put on a list.  I managed to get a few ideas together.  I’m at an age where I should be decluttering and getting rid of things, not accumulating more stuff.

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.





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