Not On Vacation

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have no doubt noticed I’ve been missing the last several weeks.  I was not on vacation.

On October 22 I slipped on some water on the floor and fell in my back hallway.  Thankfully, I have sturdy bones and a well padded bottom so I didn’t break anything.  But I couldn’t get my feet under me to get up.  So I spent four days on the floor, scooting/hip walking in the house, trying to figure out how to get up.  I felt I was pretty resourceful but it appears no one else agrees with me.

My first thought was that the mailman might notice the mail piling up and come to the door to see about me.  That didn’t happen.  Next I opened the garage door a bit — have no idea how much because I couldn’t see out the window since I was on the floor but I thought maybe neighbors would notice since it is not my habit to leave the garage door open.  No luck with that idea.  These things evidently only happen in fiction.

When I was a teenager, we were encourage to hip walk to reduce our hips.  That doesn’t work either.

While I was waiting, I kept bashing at my security system console on my counter.  I couldn’t see what I was doing because I couldn’t pull it off the counter enough to see from the floor.  However, I kept bashing at it and eventually must have hit the right button because the sheriff came.  (The system calls the sheriff if it gets an alarm.)  When I heard him outside, I started calling for help.  He came through the garage, shut off the alarm (it makes a fierce racket) and called the paramedics who came and loaded me up for a trip to the hospital.

I spent four days in the hospital and then was transferred to a rehab facility where I spent almost two weeks.  I’m back home now with exercises to do and visits from a home health nurse who told me she’s going to send a social worker and a therapist to see me.  She is also arranging for me to try LifeLine for 60 days for free.

My sister and her husband have been in my house doing cleaning, etc.  He is addicted to Pine-Sol which I dislike intensely but I put up with it because he’s the one doing the cleaning.  I tell myself his heart is in the right place.

One major problem is some things aren’t in the right place.  The sheriff moved my car out of the garage so the paramedics could take me out.  He put the car back but I have no clue what he did with the keys to my car.  I called the office but the person I spoke to was no help.  I plan to go to the office tomorrow to check on that.  Surely they had to make a report of the incident.  No one seems to know what happened to my glucometer.

But I’m thankful that there were people who helped me and I didn’t break anything.

A vacation would have been more fun in case you’re considering a similar event.








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3 Responses to Not On Vacation

  1. susie says:

    I am horrified! But I am also very thankful that you survived this awful ordeal. I shudder to think of the daily dealing with being on the floor and alone. Four days in the hospital and almost two weeks in a rehab facility–definitely not a vacation! Thank God you survived this!

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you are okay. I was concerned.

  3. Nancy Kolb says:

    I had been kind of wondering about you since you hadn’t blogged for a while. God was definitely with you, since you didn’t break any bones. But what an awful experience! My prayers are with you for complete healing and that you find your keys, and other misplaced items.

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