Finally, it’s done

This morning I finally accomplished getting a flu shot. An area hospital was giving them free. I called and registered. Next problem was trying to determine the best route to take to get to the hospital. I knew where it was but hadn’t been there in years so I was a bit confused as to the best route to take. I eventually figured it out — without the help of Google or a GPS. The next issue was sorting out the parking garage. It was with a sense of relief that I got that sorted. Finding the proper office was easy after that.

I was given some paperwork to complete and then was directed into the office. Once there I was asked a few questions and soon had my arm “pricked” to get my vaccination. One of the questions I was asked was if I had driven “all the way from Fenton” to come see them. They seemed to be very impressed by my journey. I didn’t think it was all that far once I had figured out my route. I was just glad to finally get my flu shot at no cost. I was also given a ballpoint and a small container of hand sancticiser.

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