An Unsatisfactory Day

Today has not been very satisfactory.  I had good intentions of getting my flu shot.  The hospital where my doctor has an office was giving out free flu shots.  I set the alarm so I could get up early and go get one.  Well, I wasn’t able to get it together to go as early as I had planned but 10:30 a.m. found me at the hospital.  It was very disappointing to find that all 400 shots had been distributed already.  Evidently folks are taking the admonition to get one seriously.  I can try again next Saturday at another hospital  I see I need to register for this clinic so maybe I’ll be more successful.  I hope so.

I stopped at Walgreens on my way home to see about getting a shot there.  There was no one in their clinic to administer it so I ended up leaving there.

Back home, I tried to deal with my computer.  Yesterday in the middle of looking at Project Runway on YouTube, the cursor just vanished.  I couldn’t find it.  The computer hummed away all night because nothing I did to turn it off worked.  (Thankfully, I solved that problem late this afternoon.)

It was off to Joann’s for the Open House.  There were quite a few people in the store bu\t no one was stopping by our table to sign up for classes.  I got amused by the education person.  She scolded one of the sewing teachers who was asking every one she could buttonhole if they wanted to take sewing classes.  Becky kept reminding her ALL classes were on sale for half price this weekend, not just the sewing ones.

I finished one class sample while I was there.  I got out my circular needle to cast on the stitches for the next sample.  It broke!  This truly wasn’t my day.  I have quite a few samples to knit in the next two weeks so I need to see if I have another needle in the size.  I checked the needles in stock at Joann’s but I’m not crazy about the join (which is where my needle br0ke today).

Tomorrow we’re having Fall Fest at church.  There will be a service in the morning followed by a lunch with games and activities.  I’ve missed a lot of church in the last few months but I hope to make it in the morning.  I want to pay my tithes and at least enjoy the lunch.  I’m thankful the church ;livestreams the services.  That’s how I’ve been attending but it would be good to see people in person.

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