Saturday evening I attended the Symphony concert.  It’s still early in the season and there’s lots of sporting events to compete with the Symphony for attendance.  I went a little early because I needed to stop at the ticket office.  My season tickets hadn’t been sent to me (as they were supposed to be) so I needed to get them printed and collected Saturday night.  I also needed to get my parking passes printed.  That done, I went in the side door so I could hear at least the latter part of the conductor’s pre-concert lectures.

After the lecture, I went to my regular seat.  I looked around and discovered the attendance was way down.  All those absentees missed an interesting program.  The first half was a long violin solo.  The violinist did not use a score and I wondered how on earth she memorized such a long piece.  The second half of the program was a symphony by Beethoven.  Both were interesting although I found the Beethoven piece more interesting.




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