Questions to Ponder

I was reading a blog the other day.  The writer is retiring and wrote he had just given his two weeks notice that he was leaving.  Who decided two weeks was the proper amount of notice to give?  Why two weeks?  Is the employer expected to find a replacement in two weeks?  Does this ever happen?


Who determines what size to makes shoes?  I wear a size 9 1/2, a sometimes impossible size to find.  It seems manufacturers make shoes up through size 9 and then jump straight to whole sizes like 10 and 11.   Size 10 often breaks at a spot on my toes which is painful and may even cause blisters.  In addition, the heel doesn’t fit around my heel properly.  Dr. Scholl shoes are especially bad at doing this.  I see cute Dr. Scholl shoes in catalogues and stores but they are not available in my size 9 1/2.


Losing doctors.  This has been a rough year for me and doctors.  My primary care doctor moved out of state.  I selected another doctor from that practice to be my primary care.  A few weeks ago I called to make an appointment for my quarterly visit.  She wasn’t available.  I had to see the nurse practitioner.  While meeting that person, I learned the doctor is out on maternity leave.  This morning I had a dental appointment.  While the dentist was checking my mouth, I learned it was his last day in the office.  He’s retiring.  I didn’t think he was that old and suspect his leaving has more to do with the practice being purchased by a multi-l0cation company.  I noticed the hygienist is new and I really didn’t recognize any of the other technicians.  Why is my medical support system being taken away from me?




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2 Responses to Questions to Ponder

  1. fillyjonk says:

    On my university campus, it is expected that instructors give at least a semester’s warning (barring things like major health issues) before they leave. I am not sure what it is for staff. The idea is, it takes a while to replace someone who is specialized so we need that much time. In some cases people give longer – the colleague of mine who retired a couple years ago gave us a couple year’s warning, which was very helpful.

    I suppose in a less-specialized field or in a city it might not take that long to replace someone, but it was a challenge finding a new person to teach anatomy….

    I’m sorry about the medical support thing going away. I really like my dentist and I expect he will be retiring soon (he has to be close to 70). At least there’s a younger guy in his practice that I like so I can shift over to him. I never seem to get the same hygienist twice, though….

  2. susie says:

    This doesn’t answer your questions, but you and I must have the same doctor! My doctor retired at the end of last year, and I decided on a new one. When I called, I was informed I’d see his daughter, then him. I kept the appointment, and only saw him walking down the hall. Looks like the daughter is my doctor. As it turns out, that’s ok, because I really like her. But that was in May, and I’ve only seen her once. Since then, I have seen the nurse practicioner, which is also ok with me, as the other two appointments were just follow ups and didn’t really go anywhere. What happened to making an appointment with a doctor who will really be your doctor?

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