Must Stop Doing That

Last night I headed across the kitchen to turn off the radio.  I’m not sure how it happened but all of a sudden I found myself on the floor.  In thinking about it, I believe my feet slipped in my scuffs and caused me to fall.  My feet were sweaty and sliding around in the scuffs.  But I must stop doing this falling bit.  One of these days I’m going to get hurt if I keep this up.

It’s the getting up which is especially annoying.  I have a real struggle getting back on my feet.  It ends up putting quite a strain on my arms and upper body plus “hitching” myself along the floor to a sturdy thing to pull myself up on isn’t that comfortable or easy to accomplish.  Praying for help as I hitch myself along is a necessary part of the process.

Eventually I was back on my feet.  I took time to rest on the bed while I prayed my thanks for the help.

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1 Response to Must Stop Doing That

  1. susie says:

    I am finding as I age that I must be more intentional and thoughtful as I walk, even in the house. I am used to walking fast and not really watching what’s under my feet. After a couple of nasty falls, one of which entailed a cracked bone,and one that broke several of them (down a staircase), I am having to be more careful. Even though I still feel like the young “me”, I am having to deal with the young me is now an older “me.” On the other hand, I feel really blessed with this accumulation of birthdays! Best wishes on your continuing safe navigation.

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