Frustration Update

After a week of frustration, I believe I have my phone and Internet problem solved — for now.  My earlier visit to my bank and a nearby AT&T store just added to my frustration.  The AT&T store was absolutely no help.  What’s the point of these stores if they can’t solve the customers’ problems?

Yesterday I went to a different AT&T store.  It was busy and I had to wait for a little while until someone could help me.  But help was what I got.  As suspected, the electronic payment was never processed.  I was able to make my payment the old-fashioned way (with a check) at the store.  Within an hour my phone and Internet service was restored.

I did not get an answer to my question about why I could not reach anyone on AT&T’s 1-800 number.  The agent yesterday told me if I had a problem, I should just come to that store and they would fix it for me. I learned that not all AT&T stores re equal.  The one I visited yesterday was a “corporate” store and that’s why they were able to help me.


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1 Response to Frustration Update

  1. Kiwi says:

    Hooray! Well done.

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