Two blessings have unexpectedly come my way this week. One is cooler weather. With the lower temps has come rain.

Last Friday we had a thunderstorm. I was surprised when I went out later to find a large branch from the maple tree next to the driveway lying in the drive. I was thankful it wasn’t on the roof but I pondered how I’d deal with it. I didn’t have any means to cut it up. The trash collectors are picky about picking up yard waste. Well, I thought, maybe I’ll just pull it out of the drive and leave it on the grass. Maybe the guys who cut the grass would take it away. I went to bed to sleep on the idea.

Imagine my joy the next morning when I discovered the branch was gone! I don’t know for sure but I suspect that the neighbor across the street came and collected it. He has a fire pit in his yard and earlier this summer asked if he could have some branches the roofer had left in my yard. One of my ideas for disposing of the branch had been to ask him if he wanted it so I’m quite happy with this solution to my problem.

The other blessing came yesterday. I had been waiting to get my check for working the election. It came yesterday. I knew how much it should be and had even figured that amount into my budget. What joy to discover that the raise we had sort of been promised had happened. The check was for $45 more than I expected.

I am indeed a blessed person.

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