Attending Church A New Way

Sunday I overslept. There was no way I could rush around and get to church on time. Then I remember that we now livestream some of the services. So I logged in to the church’s website and, lo and behold, I was able to hear the last 15 or so minutes of the Sunday School lesson and then attend the morning worship service.

As I sat at my computer listening to the service, I thought what a wonderful thing this is for shut-ins. No more would they have to miss worship. It’s not the same as being there in person but it is a nice way to attend. I suspect last Sunday won’t be the last time I go to church via the Internet.

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2 Responses to Attending Church A New Way

  1. susie says:

    Livestreaming is indeed a wonderful thing for those who can’t attend service. I still like to attend, but when one can’t, it is a blessing.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    this is also genius for when a person is ill and suspects they might be contagious: you can “go” to church without worrying about infecting people! (I always worry about that if I’m feeling unwell and I skip; we usually have at least one member who is undergoing chemo or some other treatment that lowers their immune system)

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