Sad Phone Call

Last week my friend, Ruth, called me. I wasn’t able to talk to her right then so I called her back later in the week. It was not a happy conversation.

Ruth has been/is going through some tough times. In December, her house flooded. Then it burned down. Then her husband of almost 60 years passed away. Her son has been very supportive and has moved her to a town near him. But she’s very unhappy. She wants to go “home.”

After our conversation, I was thinking about her situation. I really have no words of advice to give her since I’ve never gone through such an experience. It occurred to me though that she’s not only grieving the loss of her husband; she’s mourning the loss of her furniture and all the other things that were in her house.

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1 Response to Sad Phone Call

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I think sometimes people aren’t allowed to mourn for “things” (or circumstances) because they are “just things.” But I do think there is mourning involved with any kind of big loss. I know as some of the circumstances surrounding the congregation I belong to and my workplace have changed, I have experienced something like mourning – and neither of those things are actually lost; they are just changed from how they formerly were.

    Change is difficult, and large amounts of change in a short time are especially difficult. I hope your friend finds some peace and comfort.

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