Why Is It So Hard?

I had to go to the lab this morning to get my lab tests done in prep for a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. This requires fasting overnight. That isn’t a huge problem except it seems to dehydrate me something fierce. If the doctor wouldn’t order a urine test, all would be well. But she did.

For some reason, the lab won’t draw the blood until you’ve given the urine sample. Having “bashful kidneys” makes doing this awkward. Drinking a big glass of water before leaving home sometimes helps but not always. Today was one of the “not always” days. I made two different attempts. I visited the water fountain for more water.

While I waited for my innards to get with the program, I realized that almost every person was being asked for a sample. The technician nearly embarrassed a man — and me — to death when she announced, “Charlotte, you’re not the only one. He can’t pee either.” Eventually he went off to the public toilet where he’d have some privacy and was able to produce the required sample. For my third attempt, I, too used the public restroom and after prayer was able to produce the required sample.

Why is this so hard? On any normal day, I’ll need to use the restroom multiple times. But not on a lab test day.

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1 Response to Why Is It So Hard?

  1. susie says:

    Oh, you’ve got lots of company on this one. I have had to sit in the waiting room at the lab, waiting, waiting….Usually, though, they do the bloodwork first. I wonder why all labs don’t do it the same way.

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