An Unsatisfactory Weekend

My weekend was not satisfactory.  I had purchased a ticket to the annual Women’s Luncheon at church.  This was being held Saturday at a nice Italian restaurant so I was looking forward to a good meal as well as an interesting speaker.  Alas and alack, I woke up with a very “sore” stomach and decided putting spicy Italian food in it would not be a good idea.  So I went back to bed and missed the  luncheon.

I had a ticket to the Symphony for Saturday evening.  I still wasn’t feeling all that great by the time I needed to leave so I skipped the concert.  I was able to exchange the ticket for a concert this coming Saturday.  One of the features of the upcoming concert is a percussion soloist so I’m thinking this may be a very interesting program.

Sunday I missed church because my arthritic feet were giving me all sorts of problems and I could barely walk.  They still hurt today but rain is in the forecast so I suppose that’s to be expected.


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