A Night Out

Last night was a night out.  I went to the Symphony.  The program was one I wasn’t sure I’d like but it turned out to be most enjoyable.

I had another issue with my stomach Friday night but hadn’t had any episodes for most of the afternoon so felt I could chance going to the Symphony.  Traffic was terrible and I didn’t think I’d make it before the concert started.  Thankfully, I got there with just a few minutes to spare and was able to get to my seat before the music started.  The man who normally sits behind me was there; first time I’ve seen him all season.  He was his usual friendly self but we didn’t have time to chat since I was so late.

About mid-way through the Mahler symphony which was the last half of the concert I realized I needed to leave to go to the restroom.  The ushers were so helpful.  They got me a chair so I could watch on the monitor in the lobby … after three trips to the restroom … and then my favorite usher went inside at the end of the concert and retrieved my purse and coat for me.  I just prayed I’d be able to get home before needing the restroom again.  I did.

The soloist for the concert was Susanna Phillips.  I really looked forward to hearing her but, alas and alack, they didn’t have her microphone set up so she could be heard.  I could hear her much better in the lobby watching the monitor.  In the concert hall I began to wonder if I need a hearing aid.  I get ads for one in the mail almost every week.  My experience in the lobby convinced me that her mic was the problem, not my hearing.


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  1. Kiwi says:

    Good you enjoyed your night out despite it’s problems. Unable to contact you – keep getting this message “was rejected by the server for the recipient domain att.net by scc-mailrelay.att.net. [].
    The error that the other server returned was:
    550 [SUSPEND] Mailbox currently suspended – Please contact correspondent directly”

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