Spring Is Coming

Our winter hasn’t been just awful.  But Spring is definitely on the way.  I saw a cardinal in my backyard yesterday.  I don’t ever remember seeing one at this house although I frequently had one visit in my city house.  The bright red of its feathers was a welcome spot of color on an overcast day.  In addition, my big forsythia bush has started blooming.  That’s definitely a sign of spring.  I must remember to look at my daffodils and see if they’re up and blooming yet.

I taught a knitting class last night.  The store booked two classes at the same time.  One was a sewing class and then my knitting class.  Sewing classes have priority in the classroom so the mother of my student moved a table and some chairs out on the selling floor for us.  The project was a knitted dishcloth.  What a boring pattern Joann’s picked for this project!  While my student worked on hers — and got about an inch knitted — I finished up the class sample.  That should get the class coordinator off my back for a bit.  I plan to take the scarf which is the next sample I must do with me to work on during the slack times at the election on Tuesday.

When I took the completed sample into the classroom, one of the sewing students asked if I was an OASIS volunteer at Meramec Heights.  She’s a second grade teacher at that school.  I agreed that I had volunteered there but had given it up because of health issues.  It was nice to be remembered, especially by a teacher I hadn’t worked with.

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