Catching Up

Friday night I attended the monthly travelogue at Washington U. The subject was our national parks from coast to coast. I was not aware of some of the parks. As always, I was taken with the great shots of wildlife and plants. It amazes me that the photographer can get such clear close-up shots of plants and birds and other small inhabitants of the parks. It was great fun to “see” the parks without having to hike through them.

Last night I attended the election judge training for the upcoming primary election. We’re going paperless! No longer will we need to page through thick books of lists of registered voters. We’ll be using a tablet instead. I just wonder if this will slow things down. I rather expect it will for the first hour or so as we — and the voters — get used to the new technology. I also wonder if all the counties in the state are making this move or if it’s just our county. Our clerk is very enthusiastic about his job and making improvements.

Wes is a very kind man as well. For example, I’ve been assigned to a poling place which is new to me and is at some distance from my house. He helped me figure out what will be the fastest route for me to drive to get there. IHe drew a map on a whiteboard for me. I’m now confident I will find the place with no problem altlhough I’m still inclined to do a “drive-by” just to make sure I know where I’m going.

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