Personal Weather Forecaster

I now have my own personal weather forecaster.  I’ve had arthritis for years but mostly in knees, hips, hands, etc.  Now I have arthritis in my feet.  When the weather is changing, every joint in my feet, it seems, wants to be a “weather bone” and sets about hurting.  Walking becomes extremely painful.  It feels like I’m walking on broken bones.  The choice of which shoes to wear is also a problem.  Guess this is just one of those problems which come with getting older.


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One Response to Personal Weather Forecaster

  1. Kiwi says:

    With the same problem I find that shoes with velcro (hook and loop) are marvellous as the fastenings can be adjusted to accommodate my feet when they swell. Maybe not the height of fashion but definitely comfort! There is quite a range of these types of shoes available especially in the sports shoe range. All the best – I too know what it is like to feel you are walking on broken glass!

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