Improvements at License Bureau

My driver’s license expired yesterday. Since I didn’t have to accumulate a stack of supporting papers to renew it, I set off to do that today. (I was ill yesterday.)

I wasn’t sure if the license bureau was open today or what hours it would be open if it were, indeed, open. I woke up out of a delicious sleep, sorely tempted to continue sleeping, but the program on the radio told me I needed to get up if I had any hope of getting my license renewed today. So I didn’t exactly bound out of bed but I did get up and set about a trip to the bank, one through the fast food place for breakfast and then to the license bureau. I drove past the license bureau on my way to the bank and determined that, yes, it was open — at least this morning.

Once equipped with breakfast and a cashed check, I headed to the license bureau. Some improvements have been made since my last visit. Instead of having to stand in a long, snaking line, there are now rows of folding chairs. A much needed improvement to my mind. Another was a machine which split out a numbered ticket. You could push one button and the ticket was for renewing your driver’s license and a second button produced a ticket for the other activities you transact at the license bureau. In the past, everything was all jumbled together in that snaking line.

I got my ticket. Yippee! There were only two customers ahead of me. I sat down and waited until my number was called. The nice clerk took care of my business in short order. I left with my paper license to use until the permanent one arrives in the mail in two weeks. That’s about when I’ll go back to renew the auto license. I still need to find one of the supporting pieces of paper for that.

It was such a relief to get my driver’s license renewed. I feel like I’ve accomplished a major chore today.

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