Car Woes

It’s time to get my car license renewed. That means it must be safety inspected before I can gather up the required supporting papers and head off to the license bureau. So I started last week by taking the car to the dealer to get the necessary inspections done. I was not anticipating any problems.

The car failed the emissions test! I suppose it’s reasonable to have this happen. After all, the car is a 2004 model. The clerk at the dealer told me to take it to another place to get the repair done because it would be less expensive. I didn’t take it to the shop she mentioned but to another one where I’ve had work done. I’ve always been satisfied with their work.

Not this time. When I took the car back to the dealer for the re-inspection, I learned that instead of fixing the problem, the shop where I had taken it made it worse. Something — beats me what — needed to be welded. They had clamped it instead. So now I was off to the dealer recommended shop. Thank goodness they were able to take the car in right then and do the repair.

Now it’s back to the dealer for the re-inspection. This will be the third one. Sure hope the old saying of “three times a charm” proves true in this case.

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1 Response to Car Woes

  1. fillyjonk says:

    And that reminds me: I will need to renew my driver’s license in February this year. (We don’t have emissions testing or anything. When I first moved here there was an “inspection” to make sure the lights and blinkers and stuff worked, but that’s since been dropped)

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