Fun Evening

I went to the Symphony Friday night. My usual ticket is for Saturday but I had to miss one concert and exchanged that ticket for this Friday night. What a good choice that was!

The overarching theme of the programs this season is “Music That You Know.” The program Friday night was focused on love and romance. All the pieces were shorter ones. There were some I didn’t recognize but others I did. The featured soloist was the main percussionist of the orchestra who played a xylophone solo. It was fascinating watching; him move to and fro behind the instrument during the first movement of the piece. But then he ripped into the second movement which was instantly familiar although I couldn’t think of the title. I later overheard someone say “Cecilia” and that might have been it. At any rate it was great fun to hear — and see — someone playing jazz on the xylophone.

The conductor who has a dry sense of humor made comments between each piece. He doesn’t usually do that but it just added to the fun of the evening. One of the numbers they played was Mendelsohn’s Wedding March and his comment was they were playing it just in case we had a need for it because “they do weddings.” He was in rare form Friday night.

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