Flood Update

The latest flood update for my area is that some of the closed roads have been opened. I’ve never experienced living with closed highways, etc., and I’m a little surprised at the work involved in re-opening them. It’s not a simple matter of letting traffic go through. The roads must be inspected for damage from the flood, cleaned of mud and debris before vehicles can safely use them. I didn’t give a thought to the fact that the water might wash the soil from beneath the pavement. This flood is proving to be an educational event.

Another experience I’m having is being under a boil order for water. The plant which processes the drinking water in my community was damaged by the flood. According to the newspaper, it may be two weeks before that problem is fixed. I’m grateful that my nephew who lives nearby and also gets his water from the same company and I do thought to buy some bottled water when he got the boil order message. He called and asked if I needed anything from the store. He brought me two cases of bottle water. A relief station has been set up at a church between me and him and the National Guard are processing water.

It’s rather amazing the things we just take for granted like safe roads and clean water.

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