Not Ready for Holiday

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m not. I still have some gifts to wrap. I’ve given up on Christmas cards. I’ve sent some e-cards to folks I have email addresses for and mailed a few paper ones. The cost of postage is the reason I’ve cut down on sending cards. Thankfully, people have still sent me cards.

One card is a mystery. It’s from a Florida address and it’s signed “Kirk and Dee.” I don’t know these people. I do have a cousin Dee but she’s married to Tom. Or at least she was the last I heard from her.

Tuesday I went to my appointment for the medical study I’m participating in. Turned in my diary and had blood drawn. So far so good. I thought as I drove home that it’s almost like selling your blood like drug addicts do since they reimburse us. It’s interesting to see who else is there. Since the drug they are investigating is for people over 60, most of the participants are senior citizens. I wonder how many of us are supplementing our retirement income this way.

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1 Response to Not Ready for Holiday

  1. Kiwi says:

    Merry Christmas to all! Christmas day has arrived and we are off to celebrate with family. Everything was ready last night so now we can relax outside with good company.

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