A New Adventure

This afternoon I had a new adventures. A week or two ago I got a phone call asking if I’d like to participate in a medical research study. I’m not sure how the company/research got my name but the study is dealing with a new vaccine for an upper respiratory virus. Since I would like to avoid all such diseases, I thought this sounded like something I would find interesting.

Today I was to go for my screening appointment. It took much longer than I expected. I had some form to fill out, had my vitals taken several times, “donated” some blood for the study and received a shot. I don’t know if I got the vaccine or a placebo. I was also measured and weighed. I was given a diary to keep and a thermometer since I will need to take my temperature daily for the next ten days.

The participants in the study will be paid. We were given $100 for today and the other visits which will not take as long will net us $50/visit. The study is to last about a year.

The sum of my conclusion about this is that I’m in pretty good health and as long as I don’t get sick, this is an easy way to add to my income.

Have you ever participated in a research study? When I worked for a chemical company which was researching a bacterial additive for face soap, I was given some of the soap to use for some period of time. Only when the test was over were we told the brand of the soap. I wouldn’t have participated if I had known ahead of time since that brand of soap always irritated my skin.

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1 Response to A New Adventure

  1. Susie says:

    There is money to be made in medical research. I hope this works out well for you. Lots of people do this regularly, and make a bit of money as they go. I find the idea intriguing, but alas, I have never had quite enough courage to go through with it. Please keep us posted on this adventure.

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