I Can’t Believe It!

I can’t believe it! I have all my Christmas shopping done except for some stocking stuffers. How did this happen?

I bought the children’s gifts last week. Yesterday I went out on Black Friday and got the gifts for the name I drew in the family lottery. I was going to get the stocking stuffers while I was at it but I couldn’t remember whose stockings I have to do. There are 12 to be filled and they are divided between the four adult women in the family.

I thought about going out to get those items today but I’ve decided to stay home instead. I have plenty of time to get those things. I might even have something in the gift closet I can use. I’ll have a look in there today or tomorrow.

When I was at the pharmacy yesterday picking up my medicine, I did get some candy for the stockings. So I think I’m in a good place. How are you doing in preparing for Christmas?

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1 Response to I Can’t Believe It!

  1. Kiwi says:

    Cards made and mailed out, all gifts purchased bar one, just wrapping to do and our contributions to the Christmas Day meals. Today I will make the Christmas Cake then relax and enjoy functions during the run up to Christmas. I’m in a good space!

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