Yesterday was a time of discouragement.  I had a library book that was due.  I took it to the library and left it in the book box container, sort of like a mailbox, in front of the library.  Today I got an email from them that the book is overdue.  It was an automated message so I couldn’t reply to it.  I wonder when they empty that box. Oh, well, if they fine me, I’ll just have to pay it.

Then I was scheduled to teach a learn to knit class at Joann’s.  I wasn’t able to use the classroom because there was a quilting class in there.  Thankfully, I had gotten to the store early and found someone to help me move a table to the selling floor and some chairs so we could do the class out there.  The first student arrived on time but the second was about 15 minutes late.  We got started.  I like to start the class with teaching them how to read a yarn label.  There’s a wealth of information on them IF you know how to read them.

Then we tackled learning to cast on our stitches.  Admittedly, this is a difficult maneuver to learn.  But we persevered and eventually one of them got it — I think.  The other one appeared to get it but she kept ripping out and starting over so I’m not sure she ever did catch on.  Our next challenge was the knit stitch.  No matter how often I repeated the instructions or the demo of how to perform those instructions, they didn’t get it.  When this happens, I’m left feeling really inadequate as a knitting teacher.  It doesn’t matter that I’ve taught other people; why can’t I explain this so these two students can understand and perform?

The monthly travelogue at Washington University is normally the first Friday of the month.  I left Joann’s and speeded up the highway to get there.  I was going to be a bit late, probably arrive during the intro to the program but, wait, why is the parking garage so empty?  Where is everyone?  I got out my season pass and checked the date.  The program this month is on the second Friday.

I was so discouraged.  Not only could I not teach my class, I couldn’t even get the date right on the travel program.  Do you have days like this?

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