Down They Come

There are a number of maple trees near my house. They’ve held their leaves and not even changed color much. But this week they decided to shed their leaves. It is raining today and the leaves are joining the raindrops on their journey to the ground. Makes me feel a little bit sad.

This morning found me at another insurance meeting. I got the mailing from this company and didn’t know anything about them. The name surely didn’t register with me. At the meeting, the presenter asked how many of us had heard of a different insurance company. Yes, I remember that one from years ago. It turned out this new-to-me company had taken over that old one.

I was not too impressed with this company so I don’t think I’ll be signing up with them. I did bring home the literature so I can more carefully compare it with the other information I have or will be getting. I’m sure I’ll be able to understand it better without the man who kept asking questions that weren’t really pertinent to the discussion.

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