Treating Myself

I decided I deserved a treat today.  After all, I had managed to teach that loom knitting class on Thursday and this morning I took myself off to my local hospital and got my flu shot  The hospital is part of a large health care network and several of the hospitals in that network were offering free flu shots today.  So what was better than taking care of my health at no cost to me or my insurance company?

Feeling slightly virtuous after that, I decided to treat myself to a shampoo at Great Clips.  It is so nice to have someone else scrub my head!  So my hair is nice and clean and looking very whitish-grey which is always a bit of a surprise.

Then I took my library books back and found some new ones to read.  They are not really new but just new to me.  Best of all, they are by one of my favorite authors.

Now to round out the day, I’m going to take a gift card I got last Christmas and take myself out to dinner.  I’m really doing a good job of spoiling myself today.

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