Symphony Concert

This past weekend was the Gala Opening of the Symphony Orchestra’s season. I had a ticket to the Saturday night concert. I’m not sure why but it started 30 minutes later than normal. The theme for this season is “Music Tells The Story” and evidently we’re going to be exposed to lots of new — at least to me — stories. I had never heard of any of the composers whose music was played Saturday night.

The soloist was Joshua Bell, a violinist. I was looking forward to hearing him since I’ve read of him. Unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed. He must not have been standing in the “soloist spot” on the stage. There is a microphone suspended from the ceiling and, normally, the soloist stands under it. Maybe the mic wasn’t turned on. But for whatever reason, in spots his playing was so quiet I couldn’t hear him. He did receive a standing ovation and played an encore which was nice.

Before playing the encore, he spoke about the piece and said it was in memory of someone. Again, his voice was so quiet, I couldn’t hear all of what he had to say. I haven’t seen a review of the concert in the newspaper or online so I don’t know if my problems in hearing were mine alone or if others also struggled.

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