Buying Books

Do you buy many books?  Where do you get them?

I have found my local Dollar Tree store to be a source for some interesting books.  I read one I got there that was about raising dairy goats.  Another was on keeping bees.  I’ve also found autobiography books that I’ve enjoyed.  And they only cost $1!  Doubt you could beat that price on Amazon and it’s certainly cheaper than Barnes & Noble although I do like that store too.

I’ve recently begun another book from Dollar Tree.  This one is The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron.  I’ve only read the first chapter so far but in looking through the book,. it appears the premise is that you can change your eating habits through writing.  The first chapter deals with Morning Pages.  These are three pages you write first thing in the morning.  Whatever pops in your head, you write down.

Have you ever heard of this approach?  Have you tried it?  What kind of results did you achieve?

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