Checking To Do List

Some days I don’t accomplish much. But I feel good about what’s been done so far today. It began with my doctor’s appointment. Boy, today must have been the day to go to the doctor. The parking lot was so full that you had to wait until you spied someone pulling out to find a place to park. Of course, that meant there was a back-up at the registration area. I ended up being 15 minutes late for my appointment. But at least I got to see the doctor this time and not the nurse practitioner. Since I’m paying to visit the doctor, I much prefer seeing her.

Next item on the to do list was picking up some prescriptions and a few other items at Wal-Mart. Got that accomplished and headed home.

After a short rest at home, I was out and about again. This time to the bank, a quick trip through the drive-through to get a drink and a light lunch and then to the supermarket where I did my “big” grocery shopping. I hadn’t bothered to write out a shopping list but I think I got everything I need … except for mayo. I keep forgetting to get some so I can have a BLT sandwich.

Still have an item or two I want to do today but it remains to be seen whether I actually accomplish them. If I don’t, I’ll still feel good about today.

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