A New Mystery

This morning I had to go to the hospital for lab tests in preparation for my doctor’s visit later this week. When I got to the lab, the technician told me my doctor had ordered a urine test in addition to the blood work. I hate this test. It is near impossible for me to produce a sample. The mystery is why is it that all day long, especially when out shopping, I can need/find a restroom almost at will. But tell me I have to produce a specimen in a cup and my bladder shuts right down.

I thought the blood work could be done after I drank some water and waited for it to be processed. No, the technician wouldn’t do it that way. So I sat and waited and waited and … well you get the picture. Thankfully, I was eventually able to produce the required sample and then had the blood drawn.

Next it was off to find some breakfast, err really lunch since it was almost noon by now. Glad that’s behind me for a few months.

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