Feeling Tired and Grumpy

I’m feeling tired and grumpy today. The phone rang at 7:30, waking me which means I didn’t get my sleep out. Now that I’m retired, I don’t set the alarm very often and sleep later in the morning. Of course, I tend to stay up later too so it’s a never ending circle.

More sleep was pretty much out of the question because the roofers are here, banging away on the roof. They called me out to look at the pine tree near the corner of the house. They had to cut some of it away because it was growing into the roof. But, sadly, they can’t dispose of the trimmings because the landfill they take the old shingles to won’t accept yard waste. So they made a pile in the back yard and I have to figure out how to get rid of the stuff. Not an easy thing to do during a holiday week. I suppose I can chop the stuff into smaller bits and stick it in some yard waste bags for my trash hauler. Their pick-up schedule changes during a holiday week so I’m not sure when that can happen.

I can’t fault the roofers for starting so early. It’s hot today … supposed to be in the mid-90s … so they will want to get finished as soon as they can.

The other thing making me grumpy is the phone. It’s been ringing off the hook this week. What’s annoying is that these callers refuse to leave a message. The phone rolls right to voice mail but do you think they make use of it. No, they don’t. They prefer to call back again and again and again. Drives me wild.

Hopefully. I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.

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