Yesterday I got lost.

I went to the bank to cash a check. At my bank you have to show a photo ID. I looked in my purse for my wallet and it wasn’t there. So I headed back home to get it although I couldn’t remember taking it out. At the last stoplight I spotted it on the floor where it had fallen.

Back to the bank. Making a U-turn wasn’t the best idea so I turned on a street that leads to the back way to the shopping area where the bank is located. But somehow I managed to make a wrong turn. I was on a twisty narrow road I had never seen before. I just kept going, turning in the direction I thought would eventually get me to the highway. No such luck.

I eventually came to a road I recognized and thankfully headed to the bank, several miles away. I have no idea how or where I made the wrong turn. I doubt I could do that again. I think maybe I should study my map book of the county and see if I can figure it out.

Could I call it a mini-mini-vacation day since I went for a ride in the country?

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1 Response to Lost

  1. Susie says:

    Considering the stress levels you were probably experiencing, maybe you could call it the unintended scenic route. Some of the freeway exits here don’t have a corresponding entrance in the other direction, and you can end up miles away from where you want to be if you get off where you really don’t want to be. In the downtown areas, that is terrifying, unless you are familiar with the streets.

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