Stood Up

Saturday night I was stood up — again!

I was scheduled to teach a knitting class at JoAnne’s.  I turned up.  The class coordinator was there and said my class would have to take place out on the selling floor but she was waiting to move the table out there.  She had a quilt class which was to start an hour after my knitting class.

Well, we waited.  No student showed up to take a knitting class.  The coordinator said they had moved the class several times for this student and since she didn’t show up Saturday night, if she wants to take it again, she’ll have to pay for it again.

It wasn’t a total loss for me.  She processed the paperwork so I got paid part of the fee just because I showed up.

But I’m left with questions.  Why didn’t the student come?  Why didn’t she call to say she couldn’t make it?  Does she really want to learn to knit?

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2 Responses to Stood Up

  1. Susie says:

    Sounds like there’s very little interest or motivation on her part. I don’t believe I’d want to make a special trip in to teach someone who will likely not show. Doesn’t make any sense for her to even schedule, does it? I am glad Joanne’s at least paid you to come in.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    I’ve learned that some people are just not very responsible. I’ve been stood up many times by students who made “urgent” appointments to meet with me outside my office hours (I hold 10 hours of office hours per week). Later on, when I ask them why they missed, I get some weak excuse like they were “tired” or there was something they wanted to do. I would have hoped they could have at least e-mailed me to let me know they weren’t coming; that’s what I would have done if it were me…

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