Happy Fourth

Happy birthday to the U.S. What are you doing to celebrate? I have no plans for today but I hope to go to a concert tomorrow evening. It’s to be held on the Quad at Washington University. I don’t know that it is a particularly patriotic concert but it will be good to go. The Gateway Festival Orchestra will be performing. I haven’t been to one of their concerts in several years. We aren’t having an evening service at church tomorrow night so this will give me a chance for another bit of vacation. I must look out my lawn chair and decide if I want to take a picnic supper with me.

The annual Fair St. Louis is being held at Forest Park yesterday and today. I have no desire to get in the huge crowds that attend this affair. A quiet time at home is more to my liking although last night wasn’t totally quiet. My neighbors found their fireworks. I expect more of them will be shooting them off tonight. I’m not sure why they wait until 10 p.m. to shoot them off and they were still going strong after midnight.

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1 Response to Happy Fourth

  1. Susie says:

    We had a quiet day inside–it was far too hot to be outside! There were very few fireworks, and most of them were late at night.

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