Girls’ Night Out

Thursday night I attended the Girls’ Night Out at a nearby hospital. This consisted of four doctors who formed a panel and answered questions from the female audience. In addition, there were chair massages available along with some informational booths. Refreshments were served as well and we were given two tickets for wine. I skipped the wine. But I enjoyed the buffet of shrimp, crostini with dried tomatoes in the spread, chicken kebabs, cheese and crackers.

We were given a “goodie bag” when we checked in. This is a good size tote bag and contained a wine glass with a cover for use at picnics, a gell thing to freeze for bruises, some measuring scoops, and some informational literature about programs at the hospital. There were also some attendance prizes but I did not win one.

A storm blew up while we were there. We could see the trees whipping in the wind. Rain fell. But, fortunately, there was a lull in the weather activities when the program was over and I made it to my car without getting wet. Shortly after I arrived home, the storm renewed its attentions and there was fierce thunder and lightning and pouring rain.

It wasn’t quite a vacation day but it made for an enjoyable evening out. I guess I’d call it a mini-mini vacation evening.

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