More Vacation Thoughts

Given all the eye surgery expenses these last two months, I’ve pretty much given up the idea of going away even for just a couple of days. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a vacation of sorts. I’ve decided to look around for either events or places locally that I can attend that are out of my normal routine.

There was some kind of conference for organists in town this week. They had some concerts or recitals that were open to the public. Years ago I took pipe organ lessons so I thought maybe attending one of those events could be as”vacation.” The one which sounded the most interesting was being held at a historic Baptist church near the symphony hall. It would include hymns, a brass group, singing, etc. I made plans to go.

Alas, my plans were for naught. My impression that it was free turned out to be in error. At the last moment, more or less, I saw a notice in the newspaper that a donation would be collected. I didn’t have the funds to make the donation. Parking was another issue. That church has a parking lot which is used when the Symphony plays or there’s a popular show at the nearby theatre. But they charge for the parking then. Would they charge for this organ program?

To complete things, I woke up in quite a lot of arthritis pain. So I decided not to have that as a vacation day. Surely there will be other things I can find to do or places to go before the summer is over.

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