Eyes Update

Yesterday I had the final appointment with the surgeon’s office. I saw one of the doctors who works with him. She had a terrible time trying to get a reading on my vision. I kept insisting I couldn’t see the letters and that no lens was better than another. Finally, she had a technician take a picture of my eyes and after that, she added some lubricating drops. They seemed to do the trick and we got on with the exam. She says the eyes are healing well but are very dry. That seems to be the reason for the struggles. She released me to see my regular eye doctor to be fitted with new glasses. I see him Monday and it will be interesting to see how the fitting turns out.

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1 Response to Eyes Update

  1. Susie says:

    I do hope they assured you that dry eyes are a common aftereffect of cataract surgery. Glad to hear the lubricant helped, and you’ll be getting new glasses soon.

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